Container Tracking

For each sector, there’s an InVirtus solution!

For each sector, there’s an InVirtus solution

Optimize the availability of asset on your industrial sites

“We locate what you’re looking for all the time! “


When you send your containers (pallet, floor, shuttle crate, ...) to your Suppliers' sites, in France and/or abroad, the follow-up and management of the flows become complex. Consequently, a non-optimized control of these flows can lead to the disappearance of containers or contents and therefore to additional costs, supply problems, or even a production stoppage.

– When does the delivery arrive ?
– Can I be sure that the package has arrived at my customer’s home ?
– How can I optimize the preventive maintenance of my rotating shuttle boxes ?
– Is it possible to connect the sending and receiving of my crates directly with my ERP ?


Our GPS trackers can both transmit and receive a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) signal. Therefore, we offer our customers either the use of GPS trackers for all containers and contents, or the attachment of a GPS tracker on the container and the use of BLE tags for the contents.

User customer

One of our customers was suffering from supply problems related to its numerous container flows to its suppliers around the world. We initially equipped half of its containers. Satisfied with our technology, we equipped the second half. As a result, it has reduced the loss of its containers by 85%. The fact that he did not have to reproduce them allowed him to save 15,000€ per year, not counting the saving in administrative time (BL, contact the customer, call the supplier...).

Come back to see us regularly as new use cases will be coming soon…

“Monitoring your assets has never been easier !”  


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