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The origin of this need was simple. How to optimize paper traceability when checking parts from point A to point B? Indeed, the reliability of the information can be the cause of an incorrect follow-up. In a time limit not to be exceeded, from flashing, to control to shipping, the flow of information can be erroneous. An operator can quickly forget to write down his verification on a paper or even write it down wrong. The administrative burden results in wasted time for your teams, but also in poor visibility of the production follow-up.


Automate your parts tracking processes with the inVirtus solution. Accompany your parts with BLE Tags on your production line, linked to our supervision platform, they will allow you to refocus the added value of the operator to produce rather than filling out tracking sheets. Centralize and make your data reliable on the inVirtus platform for better production capacity.


Better production capacity
Measurement of real VS theoretical tack time
Identification of bottleneckss

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