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Indoor traceability


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Our indoor solution, composed of miniaturized tags and anchors, is very simple to implement and deploy since it requires no infrastructure.

Small objects

Low power technology

Communication : BLE, Lora, Wifi or Ethernet

Thermal sensor

Operational in an industrial environment

ivBeacon Lite

Battery life

10 years




-40°C / +85°C

Triggering on event

Bouton / LED (On/Off)

ivBeacon Sonos

Battery life

4 years


  • Tag-BLE-Buzzer
  • Dimension-Tag-Buzzer-(face)
  • Dimension-Tag-Buzzer-(côté)


-25°C / +60°C

Triggering on event

- Buzzer 90db - LED

ivBeacon Eos

A batteryless photovoltaic tag powered by light

Waterproof tag

IP68, can be fully
submerged in water

Usable indoors
and outdoors

Also under artificial light
  • Tag-BLE-Buzzer
  • Dimension-Tag-Buzzer-(face)


20 min. in complete darkness,
1 year with backup battery.

Transmission frequency

Between 2 and 10 sec depending on the light

BLE Anchor

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Made in France
Set up to detect incoming and outgoing flows from an area inside your buildings. The anchors are calibrated to detect Tags/Trackers at a precise distance. The Lora BLE anchor is autonomous in communication and power supply.


Bluetooth Low Energy

Reach 50 m

ivScan Athéna

Battery life

5 years


  • ancre-autonome
  • dimensions-ancre-autonome


-40°C / +85°C

BLE / LoRa antenna


ivScan Chronos


Ethernet / Wifi


  • Ancre-temps-réel
  • Dimenssion-ancre-temps-réel-(face)


-25°C / +85°C



All frequently asked questions about indoor traceability:

How do I install my sensors ?

Installing inVirtus sensors is very simple: tags and trackers can be installed temporarily or permanently using double-sided adhesive or Velcro tape, hose clamps, or screws/rivets.
Stand-alone anchors are attached to the wall in the same way (adhesive/velcro/screw) and do not require wiring. Real-time anchors simply require an RJ45 cable with internet access.

Can I track my WIP and manufacturing order in my plant?

The tags are designed to be fixed on any type of asset and thus to follow carts or production batches or manufacturing order documents.

Once I have identified the area, how will I find my equipment in that area?

inVirtus tags and trackers are equipped with an LED and a buzzer that can be activated on demand, so that they can be easily and quickly identified among a large number of devices in the area.

How can I associate the tags with my equipment?

The pairing between your asset and the tags can be done individually or by mass import into the platform.
If a tag is temporarily paired with several different devices, the operation is done directly via the smartphone using the inVirtus Android app, using QR code or barcode.

How does the BLE work?

Bluetooth Low Energy is the technology chosen by InVirtus to offer a simple, precise and reliable system for indoor geolocation: GPS often does not work indoors, or does not offer sufficient accuracy.
For indoor geolocation, inVirtus uses autonomous BLE anchors (5 years autonomy), which allow to define zones within storage or production facilities, and BLE tags or beacons, which are fixed on the mobile asset to be tracked. Note that inVirtus GPS trackers also integrate BLE technology, and can thus be used for hybrid geolocation: GPS outdoors on the route, and BLE indoors.

Can a customer install his indoor geolocation system by oneself?

The InVirtus indoor geolocation system is extremely easy to install and set up: the autonomous anchors (wireless) are easily fixed on any support (wall, ceiling, warehouse rack...) using screws, rivets, clamps, adhesive or double-sided Velcro...
In the same way, BLE tags can be fixed temporarily or permanently on the monitored equipment. The settings (anchor range, zone size, frequency of position readings, etc.) are easily configured in the inVirtus Cloud platform.
inVirtus always supports its customers in this initial phase of implementation.

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