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Outdoor and indoor traceability

Traceability of your asset.
Anywhere. All the time.


ivTrack Lite

Battery life

5 years


50 dB
  • TRACKER-Lite
  • Tracker-Lite-dimenssion-1
  • Tracker-Lite-dimenssion-2

Operating temperatures

- 40° C / + 85 ° C

Shock resistance


ivTrack Evo


Plug & Play et World Wide


50 dB
  • TRACKER-EVO-dimenssion2
  • TRACKER-EVO-dimenssion

LED indicator

Activation of the LED following an event (e.g.: maintenance date reached, last phase of the OF validated...)

Shock resistance


ivTrack Nano


Plug & Play and World Wide


60 x 60 x 25 mm


Discreet installation under a tray, under a cart, etc...
Suitable for installation in constrained environments

Shock resistance


A multitude of features

Our trackers can both provide a real-time and continuous location indoors and outdoors, but also various information such as motion detection, shock, temperature, ...

LED activation on event

Shock detection

Vandalism attempt

Thermal sensor





*Recovery of frames (data) if out of connection, white zone.

All frequently asked questions about indoor/outdoor traceability:

What geographical areas can I cover with your geolocation solution?

inVirtus is one of the only providers to offer full geolocation: both indoors with BLE technology, outdoors in France with GPS/LoRA, and worldwide with GPS/SMart GSM.
Note that InVirtus GPS trackers also integrate BLE technology and allow hybrid geolocation (indoor + outdoor).

What is the protection index of trackers?

inVirtus trackers have been designed for outdoor use and are resistant to extreme weather conditions, temperature and humidty at a worldwide scale, as well as shocks. They are IP 67 certified and entirely dust and waterproof, and therefore protected against powerful water jets, for example with a high-pressure cleaner.

What happens if my tracker goes into an area without a network?

The inVirtus tracker is equipped with an internal memory and a data recovery system, which restores historical positions when the tracker reaches a coverage area.

Can I perform indoor and outdoor geolocation with the same asset?

It is possible to do indoor and outdoor geolocation thanks to our trackers which are equipped with BLE technology for indoor and GPS system for outdoor.

How can I save the battery of my trackers?

inVirtus GPS trackers have been designed for minimized energy consumption, especially in the process of searching for available networks to retrieve geolocation information.
Depending on the need, the position frequency can be set remotely, and can be set to standby in case of prolonged non-use. inVirtus GPS trackers are also equipped with an accelerometer that allows the activation of dynamic / start & stop modes. These modes will generate GPS positions only when movement is detected.
Thanks to all these optimizations, inVirtus GPS trackers offer a battery life of 5 to 10 years on average.

How effective is geolocation in the long term?

The efficiency and accuracy of geolocation does not change over time. The main long-term issue is battery life, which is directly related to the frequency of the desired positions.
Thanks to their technical and software optimization, InVirtus trackers offer one of the longest battery lives on the market, from 5 to 10 years depending on the case.

What is the risk of an unreliable geolocation system?

Choosing an unreliable geolocation system is strictly speaking useless: for geolocation to be useful and generate significant time and investment savings, it is imperative that it be simple, efficient and reliable. An unreliable geolocation system can, for example, be the result of a multi-vendor alliance, with one vendor offering anchors, another sensors, and yet another a software platform.
inVirtus offers the entire system to ensure maximum reliability of its geolocation system. Often, the lack of reliability in geolocation comes from the fact that the chosen tracker integrates only one connectivity (e.g. Sigfox or Lora), and is very often found in an uncovered area; even if the GPS positioning is done, the information is not transmitted to the user.
inVirtus offers the most connected trackers on the market. Another source of unreliability comes from an often low battery life: the geolocation system works well but is very energy-consuming, so the tracker battery has to be changed after 2 years!
inVirtus has developed its trackers and tags after 5 years of R&D and optimization of the position search and communication processes. The inVirtus system is particularly efficient, reliable and durable.

How does a GPS tracker work?

A GPS tracker integrates a sensor capable of calculating its position according to the signals received from satellites, and sends its position to the management platform using the first available network (LoRA, 2G, LTE-M, NBIoT..). Equipped with an accelerometer that detects movement, the GPS tracker can be activated only in case of movement, in order to extend battery life.

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