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Planning and managing multiple jobsites on multiple sites in an optimized manner is a complex task.
You sometimes find yourself with unused dumpers, telescopic handlers, water pumps or even generators stored in your warehouse or unused on one site when they would be useful on another. inVirtus offers a solution to avoid unnecessary rental while avoiding loss or theft of your valuable equipment.


Be alerted by email or SMS in real time if the vehicle/equipment leaves your site in an unplanned manner. Quickly locate the vehicle/equipment concerned in order to recover it as soon as possible. All this is possible thanks to the attachment of an ivTrack GPS tracker on the equipment to be monitored!

Locate in real time the movements of your asset ; whether it is in your country or internationally via the inVirtus Cloud platform.


Alert in less than 2 minutes in case of unauthorized exit
Avoid unnecessary investment costs (rental, etc.)

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