Asset tracking
Industry 4.0

Seamless Indoor and Outdoor geolocalization

Optimize the use of your assets. Share the equipment schedules between departments.

Get custom alerts (emails, text messages) when your assets move.

Get alerts when your assets are not used or don't move.

Optimize your ROI, get customized dashboards and reports to analyse your equipment's use.


Industry - Construction




In an indoor or outdoor space, stick an inVirtus™ tag to your assets and take advantage of :

Reduction of misplaced equipment

Get your asset's position and be notified of movements.

No more wasted time to look for your assets.

Optimization of your assets use

Know when your equipment is used and for how long. Mutualise your assets between services with our inVirtus™ shared schedule.

Real-time inventories

Configure the zones for which you want a permanent inventory.

Return on Investment

Stop wasting time on searching for your assets. Cut your maintenance costs as well as your rental budget. Return on Investment between 3 and 6 months.

Track your assets with their indoor and outdoor localizations, get notified in real time when they enter or leave a specific zone,

Get inventory reports instantly and know how and when your equipment is used.


Know the localization of your expensive medical equipment at any time.

Share your equipment between services.

Get your staff to send SoS alerts with their geolocalization in case of danger.

Be notified when patients at risk leave the hospital or go to zones where they shouldn't be.


The inVirtus Team

Who are we ?

Two complementary co-founders with a technological and a financial background.

We have a team of seven passionate engineers with three major expertises:

  1. Electronic boards conception and development
  2. Geolocalization algorithms
  3. Software development – Web and mobile

Thanks to our work in R&D,  we obtained, at the beginning of 2019, the “Jeune Entreprise Innovante” (JEI) status, granted by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

Our financial supports

Equity funds raised with “Centrale Innovation” and “Audencia Business School” for a double added-value in Technology and Business.

Financial participation of Airbus group and Total group.

Our environment

Our offices are on the campus of the top-ranking Engineering School Ecole Centrale Nantes, with a priviledged access to different labs for our R&D developments.

Our partners

With its traceability products, inVirtus Technologies has been able to convince major Industrial companies and institutions.

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