Geolocation and asset tracking solutions

Industry 4.0
Decision-makers from Manufacturing Industry, Construction, Logistics and Health, save money with our asset tracking solutions !
With the support of the European Spatial Agency, inVirtus prepares the future of worldwide asset traceability !

Reduce your costs thanks to asset tracking solutions

In an indoor or outdoor space, stick an inVirtus™ tag to your assets in order to

Reduce your wasted time looking for assets

Get your assets current and historical positions and be notified of movements (theft, entrance/exit zone, on/off, ...)

Ease and automate your inventories

Configure the zones for which you want a real-time inventory and be notified if the high and low limits for these areas are exceeded.

Optimize your assets use and maintenance

Get information about temperatures, shocks and operating times of your equipments. Easily plan, declare and manage their maintenance.

Work with an eco-friendly technology

The inVirtus Technologies R&D team is working on energy harvesting solutions, in line with technological developments, with local suppliers.

Our solutions

Whether your needs are about indoor and/or outdoor assets, whether they require precise localisation and/or zone detection, in France and/or International, inVirtus technologies has the solutions you need!

Indoor geolocation

A position sent to a gateway using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Outdoor geolocation

A GPS position sent to the platform through a LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) operator.

RFID solution

A tag transmits its identifier as soon as it is activated by the RFID reader.

inVirtus™ platform

Allowing you to identify your asset and analysing its data.

Our partners

With its several asset tracking solutions, inVirtus Technologies has been able to convince major companies in Manufacturing Industry, Logistics and Construction.

asset tracking

What are you waiting for to get your asset tracking solution ?

We help you to identify your savings and the best solution you need, in order to optimize your ROI.



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