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Asset tracking solution

With the power of IoT, discover Indoor and Outdoor geolocalization, monitor your assets in a more efficient way.

Get custom alerts (emails, text messages) when your asset moves.

Optimize your ROI, get rich relevant content, and enjoy full insights analytics about all data mesurements.


Industry - Construction



Our Solutions

Assets tracking

In an indoor space, stick a beacon tag to your assets and transmit information like your assets’ location, temperature, motion, humidity, pressure, and more …

People safety

In an indoor space, follow your guests or employees with a badge or with their smartphone, which transmits their location, walkthrough path and time spent in different areas of your company premises.

Custom Alerts

Simply configure your alerts (text messages, emails) on the assets you want and on the zones you want. Visualise and pilot your assets' maintenance needs.


Stop wasting time on searching for your assets. Cut your maintenance costs as well as your rental budget. Return on Investment between 3 and 6 months.

Reports & Analysis

Get all key point of interests in your dashboard.

Allow real-time analysis of all data transmitted by InVirtus connected objects. Measure ROI for each marketing campaigns.

Big data based on machine learning

Our cloud platform performs predictive analysis, based on machine learning algorithms.

Use case example: predictive maintenance to anticipate failure of industrial machines, reduce costs and improve a service availability.

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Track your assets with their indoor locations, get notified in real time when they enter or leave a specified zone, get reports instantly about smart sensors like temperature, pressure, light and much more.


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Get a heatmap of your customers walking through your store, discover their dwelltime into a specific area, and send them marketing messages on their phones.

Find out every key point of interest into your dashboard, like ROI on displayed messages.


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Set up a walkthrough path with relevant messages for each point of interest. Use cases for museums, theaters, concert halls.

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In the hospitality industry, e.g. hotels or serviced apartments, a welcome message can be sent to your guests when they reach your desk. Advertising can also be achieved during their stay by sending targeted messages.

As a Business owner, find out in your dashboard every analysis like visitors’ heatmap or reports on sent messages.

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Track elderly or disabled people for their safety. Track expensive medical devices.
Broadcast contextual messages to loosen the receipt of your patients.

Our products


Bluetooth gateway which connects to the Cloud through WIFI / 4G / LoRa network.

Beacon Card

Badge to track employees or customers in a company.

Beacon Tag

Smart BLE tag to track objects or to relay proximity messages.

Mobile SDK

Development libraries compatible with iOS and Android.

What does InVirtus do ?
Our project is based on connected objects sending a lot of real-time informations.
We want to filter data that makes sense for our customers.
We work on three main topics which are:
  1. Geolocalization of Assets and Teams.
  2. Analysis of Assets and People flows.
  3. Real-time inventories
  4. Proximity marketing.
Which offers does InVirtus propose to their customers ?
The InVirtus offer is spread over 3 categories:
  1. Rental of the InVirtus™ platform in SaaS mode
  2. Purchase of the InVirtus™ platform in license mode
  3. Custom development in service mode :
    App mobile development, Web application development, embedded electronics development, White label, specific developments tailored to customer needs.
What is the InVirtus strategy ?

InVirtus is a French start-up based in Nantes.
The three co-founders have international backgrounds and are determined to give InVirtus a global exposure.

Experts in IoT (Internet of Things) and geolocalization

Our software engineers and electronics engineers will be happy to develop the best solution tailored to your needs.

Contact us